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  • Active Ball Active Ball
    • Note : Note : 3/5
    • 207 téléchargements

    Ask your PocketPC, "Are you tired of running boring applications? Would you like to take a break and grab a byteful of fun?" If your PocketPC says "Yes" - give it some Active Ball, a carefully crafted arkanoid remake. Your Pocket PC is worth it!

  • Chronos Chronos
    • Note : Note : 3/5
    • 1203 téléchargements

    La Chrono-Acupuncture permet de : - choisir la meilleure période pour puncturer un patient - sélectionner les meilleurs Points à puncturer, pour une date et une heure données. Elle permet d'optimiser la relation entre tous les paramètres .

  • Chronos Chronos
    • Note : Note : 3/5
    • 499 téléchargements

    Chronos fills a gap in PocketPC operating systems by offering an unlimited number of alarms and timers with customizable sound (MP3, WMA and OGG) and time settings. Two countdowns with lap times lets you track time spent on certain tasks.

  • Sea puzzle for Pocket PC Sea puzzle for Pocket PC
    • Note : Note : 3/5
    • 466 téléchargements

    Like naval games with sailboats and brave seaman but prefer thinking rather then fighting? Great! Try Sea Puzzle - world's most popular logic game with a naval theme. The rules are simple, and so is the game, but wait till you get past level 3!