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Argentum Corporation
  • Argentum Backup Argentum Backup
    • Note : Note : 3/5
    • 598 téléchargements

    A handy, small, easy backup program that lets you easily back up your files and folders. Safely protects you from accidental deletes, overwrites, and viruses. Backups are stored in Zip files and can be created both manually and automatically.

  • Argentum Coolbase Argentum Coolbase
    • Note : Note : 3/5
    • 523 téléchargements

    Argentum Coolbase is a versatile information manager that can keep any kind of information, such as text, numbers, links, pictures and music, in a tree-like database. It can serve you as a note taker, a diary keeper, a PIM, a text editor, and more!

  • Argentum MyFiles Argentum MyFiles
    • Note : Note : 3/5
    • 516 téléchargements

    Argentum MyFiles is a cataloging tool that keeps your files organized. It can be used as a file organizer, a disk cataloger, a music organizer, a digital audio MP3 and WMA collection, a photo album, a software catalog, and more.

  • Claude Monet Art Claude Monet Art
    • Note : Note : 2.5/5
    • 433 téléchargements

    Bring Claude Monet art to your desktop! Claude Monet is a principal founder of Impressionism. Monet's art is based on the use of color to draw the motive without resorting to line. The full version of this pack includes 270 high-quality images.

  • MoodBook MoodBook
    • Note : Note : 3/5
    • 1128 téléchargements

    MoodBook is a tiny Windows utility that brings art to your desktop and sets a tone for your daily mood and emotions! With MoodBook your desktop looks like an art gallery changing art expositions either automatically or manually.

  • Salvador Dali Art Salvador Dali Art
    • Note : Note : 2.5/5
    • 569 téléchargements

    Bring Salvador Dali art to your desktop! Explore the world of surreal with Salvador Dali. Realm of dreams, landscapes, and meditation. Unexpected forms beyond the ordinary... The full version of this pack includes 275 high-quality images.

  • Vincent van Gogh Art Vincent van Gogh Art
    • Note : Note : 2.5/5
    • 377 téléchargements

    Bring Vincent van Gogh art to your desktop! Vincent van Gogh is the greatest painter of the Post-Impressionism era. His paintings are among the most expensive paintings in the world. The full version of this pack includes 95 high-resolution images.