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Asynx Software Inc.
  • Asynx Planetarium Asynx Planetarium
    • Note : Note : 3/5
    • 4441 téléchargements

    Asynx Planetarium is a easy to use planetarium program and solar system simulator. It can display the night sky from any location on earth and between the year 1760 and 9999. Perfect for students, kids and astronomy beginners. Try it, it's free !

  • Asynx Time Analyzer Asynx Time Analyzer
    • Note : Note : 2.5/5
    • 80 téléchargements

    Do you know how much time you spend on what during the day ? This simple and effective tool will help you to get a better idea where you spend your most precious asset: Your time. Try it, the program is free and can record up to 999 hours per task.