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  • BestToolbars.net Pop Stop popup killer BestToolbars.net Pop Stop popup killer
    • Note : Note : 3/5
    • 5663 téléchargements

    FREE pop-up killer blocks 100% pop-ups and pop-unders. Kills unwanted pop-ups but allows new window links that you click. Surfing will not be the same again. Eliminates popup or popunder without even opening it!

  • ToolbarStudio custom toolbar software ToolbarStudio custom toolbar software
    • Note : Note : 3/5
    • 895 téléchargements

    With ToolbarStudio you can build fully branded toolbar in minutes. ToolbarStudo allows to create ActiveX installers for the toolbar, ready to publish on your site. Also it allows to create toolbar .EXE distributive to give to your customers.