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Gladiators Software
  • AltDesk AltDesk
    • Note : Note : 3/5
    • 551 téléchargements

    Virtual Desktops Manager: it enables you to work on various tasks simultaneously without opening and closing application windows each time. AltDesk keeps your Desktop clean and saves your time. The program's look can be changed by applying skins.

  • Aston Secure Desktop Aston Secure Desktop
    • Note : Note : 3/5
    • 458 téléchargements

    Aston Secure Desktop is a security build of Aston 1.x branch. It possesses all the features of regular Aston shell, but constrains the ability to alter the admin-defined settings. You get a restricted but beautiful and powerful desktop enhancement.

  • Star Blaze Star Blaze
    • Note : Note : 3/5
    • 490 téléchargements

    Star Blaze is a space shooter game where you will have to fight your way through the enemy hordes, collecting resources and weapon upgrades. The game features excellent graphics, music effects and more.