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Free software FreeBSD FreeBSD

FreeBSD is an operating system designed for servers or workstations. It focuses on the support of the various components, security and stability of...

LAST SELECTION Utilities for Linux

  • FlexiHub Linux

    FlexiHub Linux

    Control your remote devices (USB sticks, hard drives, printers, etc.) securely.

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    1 download
  • Kubuntu


    A Linux distribution for everyone, especially those who want to get into the free Linux Tornvald OS, but also experienced users.

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    1 download
  • Ubuntu 18

    Ubuntu 18

    The Linux distribution which aims to be powerful and ergonomic, perfect to start with this operating system.

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    1 download
  • Windows 95 Linux

    Windows 95 Linux

    You are not dreaming, the ancestor of Windows 10 has become an application compatible with Linux

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Software Utilities most downloaded for Linux

  • OCS Inventory NG serveur

    OCS Inventory NG serveur

    Manage your computer equipment with this utility.

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  • Parallels Workstation for Linux

    Parallels Workstation for Linux

    Parallels Workstation enables users to run multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, OS/2, eComStation, Sun Solaris and MS-DOS,...

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  • RecalBox PC

    RecalBox PC

    Thanks to Recalbox, rediscover or discover the joy of playing on old game consoles and arcade terminals. Recalbox is a free retrogaming console

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  • CloudReady Home Edition

    CloudReady Home Edition

    The ChromiumOS installation file, the Open Source OS that created ChromeOS with the same features.

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