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StoryZ Photo motion Android

Updated on 03/06/2019
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StoryZ Photo motion is a very popular application among image editing enthusiasts. All you need is an Android smartphone to let your imagination run wild. Take an image, load it into the program and let yourself be guided to give the illusion of movement on certain parts of the shot. For example, you can animate the smoke of a locomotive, the water of a river, the gravel of a road or whatever you want. Easy to use, StoryZ photo motion still requires you to view the tutorial and practice before getting perfect results.

The application offers several modes: Ripple, Motion or events, for different effects and output formats adapted to the need. Gif, video....several formats are taken into account, as well as sharing facilities. For perfectionists, a well thought-out draft system allows them to do it several times before publishing their work. The proposed version offers the possibility to create basic animations, but the Premium version has many more options.

StoryZ Photo motion Android
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