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Phenix, vos courses antigaspi iOS

Updated on 03/05/2019
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Are you looking for a good plan to do your shopping at a low price while doing something for the planet? So let us introduce you to Phenix, the application that helps you fight food waste.

Phenix identifies retailers and brands that wish to offer unsold items in the form of a basket for sale to consumers. These products came at a low price so that they would not be thrown in the garbage.

Thanks to Phenix, you will know which merchants around you to participate in this operation. Each brand can prepare thematic meal baskets: vegetarian, to cook, lactose-free... Then, you must reserve your basket thanks to the application and then pick it up at the time of closing.

The user can choose to activate the notifications so that he or she is notified as soon as a basket corresponding to his or her wishes is available. Phenix is currently only operating in Île-De-France, but other cities are planned very soon.

Phenix, vos courses antigaspi iOS
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