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Applications for e-learning Education

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Free software RosarioSIS 3 RosarioSIS 3

Free software for student management, scheduling, grades, absences, communication, teachers and parents, powered by PHP/SQL.

LAST SELECTION Education for Saas

  • BL.Enfance (E-Enfance)

    BL.Enfance (E-Enfance)

    BL.Enfance: management of school and extracurricular activities

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  • Academic Presenter

    Academic Presenter

    With Academic Presenter, persuade your audience easily with illustrated presentations of well-designed slide shows.

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    1 download
  • Eden – PME

    Eden – PME

    Online management software for innovative SMEs

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    1 download
  • Hyperplanning


    Index Education offers you three solutions to manage your school, including Hyperplanning, to create class and teacher schedules.

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    1 download

Software Education most downloaded for Saas

  • Resoomer


    To help you analyze and summarize your documents quickly, there is now Resoomer. An online educational tool that will allow you to get to the...

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  • Bulleval


    Bulleval allows you to enter the grades of primary school students and generate, at the end of each term, all the reports with a single click.

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    1 download
  • J'azerty


    Learn to type on the keyboard while playing. This is the principle of the J'AZERTY software. It is a serious game that combines the game and learning...

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    1 download
  • Video2Brain


    The site for downloading tutorials of your favorite software. Comprehensive or highly targeted training on the functionalities of your favorite tools.

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    1 download

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