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Free software Deciplus Deciplus

Deciplus is the software for sports halls. In addition to a membership and sales management system, it offers a room and online booking solution, a...

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  • Disney +

    Disney +

    Disney is a subscription-based paid streaming platform that provides access to all Disney classics.

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    0 download
  • Espérance de vie

    Espérance de vie

    Calculate your life expectancy with Psychologies.com.

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    1 download
  • Babylon


    Babylon is a tool available on the Internet that gives you a medical diagnosis like a general practitioner.

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    1 download
  • Barouding


    Go with travellers who look like you: Barouding offers you trips according to what you expect from your holidays.

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    1 download

Software Leisure and Family most downloaded for Saas

  • Viti Place

    Viti Place

    Viti Place offers online wine cellar software coupled with a directory and a community platform dedicated to all wine lovers.

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  • MaMystuff


    MaMyStuff is a completely free online system that allows you to manage your collections. Our motto, "Manage everything, anywhere!"

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    1 download


    ASTREAD is an online service that aims to promote reading by allowing you to convert your e-books into audio books free of charge.

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    1 download
  • Blanc sur rouge

    Blanc sur rouge

    Manage your wine cellar from a computer or smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc.) with this free online service. A simple web browser is all it takes.

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    1 download

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