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Brilliant Database Professional  for Windows

Updated on 12/06/2012
Rating : Rating : 3/5
Brilliant DB Pro is an all-in-one database software tool for creating databases that can help you work with any type of data. Design all aspects of your database (Forms, Reports, HTML/Txt/Mail Export, Queries, Formulas, Scripts, Buttons, etc.) quickly using powerful editors. Created databases have a tree-like or relational structure, allow you to store all kinds of attached files, use network, work with data using forms, tables or lists, etc.
Brilliant Database Professional
  • Licence Shareware
  • Editor BinaryBrilliant
  • Number of
  • Language logiciel en
  • Type Database
  • Date Created 12/04/2003
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  • Brilliant Database Professional

    A mini database created for a visitor to my site. Each record contains a style reference xxx.xxx.x.x.x, a number, a holder's name, a date of arrival, return, creation and modification and a text cartridge of observations.

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  • Brilliant Database Professional

    SmartDB allows you to easily create and use databases with the following features: - The cards have up to 22 different fields - Possibility to add up to 10 photos (BMP or JPG) to each card

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  • Brilliant Database Professional
    IDX4U - Gestion multicollections

    IDX4U is a personal data manager based on the notion of collection (a set of objects of the same nature). a very advanced configuration allows IDX4U to adapt to any type of collection. up to 99 collections managed simultaneously.

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  • Brilliant Database Professional

    Directory editor (files composed of nail/body cards) to collect your text data of various kinds. Opens and saves files in XML format (standard database format) or Cardfile program format from Windows 3.1.

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    • Version 7.4
  • Brilliant Database Professional
    TreeProjects personal database

    Database tool for personal information management, data mining, project management, note collection and much more.

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