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Free software Clip Studio Paint Pro Clip Studio Paint Pro

Clip Studio Paint Pro is a graphic design software to create manges, illustrations, and animations.

LAST SELECTION Graphics for Windows

  • Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

    Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

    Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is a professional software for filming your computer screen.

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  • Photo Réducteur

    Photo Réducteur

    Photo Reducer is a software that reduces the weight of your photos while maintaining the best possible quality. Thanks to this software you can send...

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  • Photo d'identité

    Photo d'identité

    Easily create stunning passport photos yourself from a simple digital camera or webcam.

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  • Ashampoo Home Designer

    Ashampoo Home Designer

    Ashampoo Home Designer is a Windows software that allows you to design your home or apartment on your computer. It offers you many intelligent tools...

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Software Graphics most downloaded for Windows

  • HomebyMe


    Free software as intuitive and powerful as HomeByMe, there are few of them. The modeling is very simple and everyone will be able to transform a plan...

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  • Architecture 3D - Création de projets en 3D

    Architecture 3D - Création de projets en 3D

    Completely free of charge, 3D Architecture Special 3D View 3D is a software dedicated to the creation of 3D projects. ! ! ! ! Ergonomic and very easy...

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  • AutoCAD 2019

    AutoCAD 2019

    AutoCAD is one of the reference software in the field of CAD. This version 2018 includes even better tools to make it easier for you to create...

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  • Architecte 3D 2017

    Architecte 3D 2017

    Hiring an architect incurs a certain amount of additional expense in carrying out its own real estate project. The use of an architectural design...

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Graphics software, to avoid loss of quality of manipulated images

In the field of computer graphics, graphics software (or image editing software, graphics software) is a computer program or a set of programs used to manipulate and process forms, drawings, vectors or images on a computer, possibly via a tablet. An increasing number of these programs are available in open-source (GIMP and Inkscape) and are more complete.

Digital images are often classified into two categories, each requiring a different processing program:
- Raster images (or raster mode);
- Vector images (which can be enlarged without loss of quality)

Many graphics software programs deal exclusively with one or the other of the two graphic modes (vector or raster), but some can combine them in interesting and sometimes unexpected ways. The convertibility of the vector image is easily done in raster mode (rasterization) or in a raster vector image (rasterization), but the opposite is more difficult, in any case, without loss of information. Some software programs try to do this.

Image editing programs specialized in raster (also pixel graphics or so-called bitmap graphics) are made for the creation, enhancement, modification and manipulation of digital images. The main functions of graphic design software are image editing products. Discussed in detail, they are used mainly for image optimization, but also partly for painting programs. Digital painting programs, with specialized functions for this specific purpose, are particularly suitable for the conversion of bitmap drawing technique paying for a plurality of artistic models and features.

Vector programs are used to create drawings or illustrations such as vector graphics. To this end, they offer a helping hand in the possibility of creating simple geometric shapes such as rectangles, circles and lines, but also offer additional possibilities to create complex shapes and gradient effects of colour and transparency without having to bear quality losses.

Most graphics software can create, import, convert, modify and export many file formats. Among the different tools, an active color palette can be selected and rearranged according to the user's preferences. Many graphic design software programs can create animations or digital videos. Vector graphics animation can be described as a series of applied mathematical transformations so that one or more shapes can be integrated into a shot.The raster mode graphic animation frame mode works in a similar way to film animation, in which a series of still images gives the illusion of smooth continuous movement.

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