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Wyzo  for Windows

Updated on 11/07/2013
Rating : Rating : 3/5
3.6.4 Freeware

Wyzo for high-speed downloading

This web browser has various functionalities around the Internet connection like all its counterparts on the market. However, it has made a difference by integrating BitTorrent technology, which, let us not forget, speeds up download speeds thanks to the actions of other users. Wyzo is not limited to adding this concept but at the same time improves the speed of traditional downloading. To accomplish its mission, the browser uses multi-source to achieve a download speed of around 10x at normal speed. This technique is valid for any type of file, whether it is a Torrent file, a file via FTP or HTTP. On the interface side, Wyzo is clear with a quite captivating white and orange graphics. In addition, the browser offers many themes for anyone who would like to customize the program. It should also be noted that this attractive window presentation is accompanied by the switch function with very beautiful visual effects.

  • Version 3.6.4
  • Licence Freeware
  • Editor Dical Software
  • Number of
  • Language logiciel multi
  • Type Internet
  • Date Created 11/07/2013
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