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Internet Digital Radio Tuner  for Windows

Updated on 10/02/2013
Rating : Rating : 3/5
3.1.0 Freeware
Radio Tuner : : Choose : : The local tuner to classify and manage your radios yourself. or the remote tuner to use the list of radios stored on a web server. Search radios by Name, Country, Style, Networks, Flow Type or Quality. Support of broadcast formats: AAC, AC3, MP3, OGG, WMA. Support of radios 5.1 broadcasters in AAC, AC3, OGG, and WMA formats. Support for.asx,.m3u and.pls files Support for shoutcast addresses ( http://shoutcastserver:port). Support for Microsoft Media Service addresses ( mms://). Display of the radio logo and direct access to its website. Possible display of titles currently being played. Display and recording of the playlist for the radio currently being played. Favorites management: add and delete functions, Local tuner management: creation, import and export functions, connection can be configured via a Proxy server, automatic update of the list of available radios, recording of radios, available in OGG, WAV, or WMA format, and in AAC, AC3 or MP3 format via FAAC, AFTEN and LAME external encoders. Support of multi-channel formats ( 5.1): AAC or PCM WAV : The Audio Player : Listen to your recordings or any other audio file with the built-in player : Playback of formats : AAC, AC3, MP3, OGG, ,APE, FLAC, WMA, PCM WAV and CDA ( Audio CD Track) 5.1. Multi-channel format management Drag and drop from explorer to playlist, automatic addition of completed recordings to current playlist, 2 skins (Windows Media Player and I-Tunes), Windows XP & VISTA compatible, free software without advertising. 1220 radios at your fingertips! Internet Digital Radio Tuner already put forward a few months ago, but it deserves it. This new version offers new reading formats and a radio list manager that seems better designed than the previous one, with a search engine. It is highly praised by users for its simple to use, efficient and very beautiful interface. It is skinable, 5 skins are delivered with an editor if necessary.
Internet Digital Radio Tuner
  • Version 3.1.0
  • Licence Freeware
  • Editor Robin Bailleux
  • Number of
  • Language logiciel fr
  • Type Internet
  • Date Created 08/20/2007
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  • Internet Digital Radio Tuner(3.1.0)  for Windows in French Freeware
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