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Ma Cave à Vin 1.53  for Windows

Updated on 09/23/2016
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1.53 Demo

Practical and efficient features: : : - Complete list of French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Australian AOCs. - Search for food and wine pairings. - AOC classified by major wine-growing regions (Bordeaux, Loire Valley...). - Management of all types of wines (red, dry white, sweet white,...) - Management of grape varieties. - Bottle value management. - Tasting management. - Quick overview of the information for each bottle. - Simplified search by sorting and filter. - Statistics on wines in the cellar. - Documentation and maps of vineyards. - Consultation of the cellar contents from the Android application or on the Internet via a personal web page (smartphone compatible). - History of bus wines. - Export of the cellar contents in CSV (Excel) and PDF format. - Creation of a cellar book in PDF format. - Customizable currency. - Automatic periodic archiving. - Automatic update detection.

Ma Cave à Vin 1.53
  • Version 1.53
  • Licence Demo
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  • Type Leisure and Family
  • Date Created 09/23/2016
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  • Ma Cave à Vin 1.53
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