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Virtual Fat/Fats roover  for Windows

Updated on 04/19/2018
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2.0 Demo

A tool for developers (called "Fat Roover" or "Virtual Fat") who want to store their private data or not in virtual files hosted in a binary image file and all without Windows drivers.A virtual disk mounting tool mapped to the virtual fat is required to be visible in the Windows explorer and other Windows applications. API function for formatting the fat provided and ready to use with capacity configuration. These virtual files are accessible through private API functions but similar to those of Windows. CreateFile is for a native fat and fats_CreateFileW is for the Roover fat. And available features that do not exist for the native Windows FAT: tags. Most of the classic functions such as Attributes, Date/Time, Rename are available. The tool is made so that you can open a fat with a UUID, which will allow you to manage other pseudo Fat. The files driven by these APIs are for an application using them. The trial version limits the file size and maximum FAT size, but you can download a full license limited in time. The x86,AMD64,x64 platforms are supported, and later you can use its APIs on a DOTNet application. Possibility for the developer to map the virtual fat data other than to a native file. Theoretical fat limit at 2TB capacity Version 2.1 provides an API function to be able to fix errors in a fat (corruption), and maybe future versions will have a cache function.

Virtual Fat/Fats roover
  • Version 2.0
  • Licence Demo
  • Editor Sivaller
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  • Language logiciel multi
  • Type Programming
  • Date Created 04/19/2018
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