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Ramboost  for Windows

Updated on 12/06/2012
Rating : Rating : 4/5
Do you open and close many applications during a Windows session? So you probably noticed that after a while the machine tends to slow down very significantly. This is mainly due to the fact that the memory is fragmented (executables and DLLs are not purely cleaned). Ramboost defragments and frees up your RAM, which reduces the swap space (the memory location taken on the hard disk when RAM is insufficient). Why is it necessary to defragment the RAM and use a utility like Ramboost? Windows forgets to free up memory in some cases. As you launch programs, this memory decreases as the programs become more demanding and more or less optimized themselves. Windows manages 2 types of memories: the physical memory called RAM and the virtual memory stored on the hard disk as a file whose size varies according to Windows' needs. By the way, here are some tips to improve things a little. When Windows loads a program or any other file, it will decide to load part of it in RAM and the other part in swap. As you launch/leave programs, their memory will not necessarily be completely free for several reasons due to the internal functioning of Windows but also to some programs that forget to free the memory at the end. Memory optimizers such as Ramboost are actually used to force Windows to release a memory block of a defined size to recover with a "large" available memory block. Ramboost manages your computer's RAM - improves system stability overall speeds up applications your computer freezes less often and performs better Regular memory optimization and your PC is faster New in 2007: Display CPU occupancy rate per graph. Your computer tends to wade after a certain time of use! Ramboost is for you. It will improve the performance of your system by defragmenting and freeing up your system's memory. It manages your computer's RAM - improves overall system stability and speeds up applications. Your computer freezes less often and is more efficient. Regular memory optimization and your PC is faster ! the file to download weighs only 238 KB, including installation, making it one of the smallest utilities of its kind ! A Best ;-)
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  • Date Created 01/21/2004
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