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3D Pacman  pour Windows

Mise à jour le 06/12/2012
Note : Note : 3/5
Nice Games is proud to present 3D Pacman, a total remake of the No.1 arcade PacMan that has won the hearts and minds of millions of players from all over the world. Only 3D Pacman offers such a powerful mix of action, adventure and collection while preserving the original arcade spirit of the old good PacMan. In addition to collecting bonuses and monsters in the Classic PacMan-style mode, players now can select the Story mode and immerse into a story of bravery and devotion that was never told before. In the Story mode you become a brave hero Pacman who returns to the once idyllic kingdom of Pacland, where the theft of the King's crown has put happy roly-polies on the brink of impending disaster. Your objective is to find the crown while marching through hundreds of galleries, Orks' outposts, towers of weird seers and trying to outwit dancing skeletons, fire-throwing gnomes and other goblins hunting you. Along the way, you must sweep cookies and collect hundreds of new juicy bonuses to increase your score but beware of beer mugs as they give Pacman such a nasty hangover that the guy becomes an easy catch for happy monsters. Should crazied chasers be driving you into a corner, a treasure trunk or a petard may be your last chance for survival. The game offers dynamic and highly addictive gameplay to complement the original scenario and vibrant, rich 3D graphics and visual effects that will attract and entertain PacMan fans of all ages. Play the two-player co-op mode with your kid or friend and you will have endless fun together! Features: - All-new and highly addictive gameplay with multiple bonuses; - 100 levels with diversely themed environments to enjoy; - Spectacular 3D graphics with incredible visual effects; - Original exhilarating soundtracks and sound effects; - Classic and Story play modes; - Single and Two-Player co-op/competition modes; - Easy to learn and use controls; - High Scores table.
3D Pacman
  • Licence Shareware
  • Editeur Exclusive Games
  • Nombre de
    1902 téléchargements
  • Langue logiciel en
  • Type Jeux
  • Date de création 08/09/2004
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  • 3D Pacman pour Windows en Anglais Shareware
  • Windows 95 / 98 / ME (32bits)
  • Exclusif! Notre Bundle de 100 jeux gratuits à télécharger dès maintenant Exclusivité Logithèque
  • Windows XP,Vista,7,8,10 (32bits/64bits)