Artistic Icons Collection pour Windows

Artistic Icons Collection
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Are you not satisfied how your website or application looks like? Do you use customary free icons that thousands of other webmasters and programmers already utilize in their projects? Want your product to stand out and look better then your competitors to generate more sales? Then check out these professional stock icon collections created by world's most known icon designers that made AWicons Pro! There are over 190 icons and small graphics elements with every imaginable theme - folders, printers, scanners, monitors, hearts, gadgets and other objects. Conveniently, almost all of them are WinXP icons with alpha-channel. Icons come in multiple color depth (8 bits to 32 bits) and size (16x16 to 128x128) options. This means that you can use them to create program interfaces, panels, toolbars and menus as well. Once you get a chance to take a close look at these stock icons, you will see that they are all highly original and professional-looking pieces. You don't have to spend thousand of dollars or pay a percentage of total sales. You don't have to buy all icons, simply select collections that contain the elements you need. The quality is not the only thing that will pleasantly surprise you. You are likely to fall in love with our prices too. With the cheapest collection priced and free updates (new icons are added monthly), this is the deal you've been looking for.
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Artistic Icons Collection

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