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CD FrontEnd GOLD  pour Windows

Mise à jour le 06/12/2012
Note : Note : 3/5
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Professional autoplay/autorun CD - DVD authoring software: make Web-like pages, create presentations, big catalogues, CD business cards, brochures, slide shows, build menus, run files and programs, show popup windows... all with this all-in-one versatile program! Main benefits: - easy to use, fast, handy: one presentation, one source file - frames, text styles, popup windows, mouse over sensitive images, sounds, video, forms, Flash™, visual linking (no broken links, never!): feature rich - can launch any kind of file: PDF, PowerPoint PPS PPT, DOC, AutoCAD...; any kind of video and audio: MP3, MPEG, WMV, AVI... - CDs freely distributable, no royalties - search engine automatically included in the CD/DVD: full-text search, boolean search, keyword search - database import through CSV: MS Access, Oracle, Fulcrum, Paradox, DBase, FoxPro, MySQL, Interbase, Firebird, DB2... it can automatically populate a catalogue (it creates categories, subcategories, thumbnail images...) - shopping cart support (also from database if needed) - autorun CD with one click - built-in browser (no Internet Explorer or other browsers required; completely self-contained, will run off the CD without problems on any PC; not blocked by popup killer applications); - print / copy protection - expiration date - password protection for all or part of the presentation; - different passwords for different users (the CD/DVD remains the same so it can be mass replicated) - can include Viewer programs in case the user don't have Adobe Acrobat, Word and so on...; so everybody will be able to see your CD without any problems - full screen capability; you can also set the window size and position - automatic photo gallery / thumbnails feature, for creating autorun CDs with your photos! - small and smart: both the editor and the CDs do run (quickly!) on old PCs (from Pentium I 100MHz and Windows 95!) It is simply the most productive authoring application for creating CDs / DVDs.
CD FrontEnd GOLD
  • Editeur VisualVision
  • Nombre de
    968 téléchargements
  • Langue logiciel fr
  • Type Utilitaires
  • Date de création 21/03/2005
  • Notez ce logiciel :
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