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Active@ UNDELETE 14.0.11 pour Windows

Mise à jour le 09/02/2018
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14.0.11 Demo

There is a great deal of data recovery software out there, and they all offer varying levels of success. With many years of experience, however, and a great deal of improvements, Active@ UNDELETE provides one of the best solutions for those who need to undelete files and not have to worry so much about not being successful in doing so.

The latest version provides a completely overhauled data recovery engine and a vastly improved user interface. The wizard-driven interface is particularly user-friendly making it perfectly suitable for absolute beginners as well as professionals. There are three editions available including the Standard, Professional and Enterprise.

The Professional edition makes it possible to recover files from unbootable computers and the Enterprise edition adds complete support for RAID setups as well. There is also a free trial edition available if you want to  find out exactly what the program can recover before spending any money.

New file signatures:


Updated existing file signatures

Support for MS new generation ReFS file system scan & data recovery

Support for Linux/Unix JFS file system scan & data recovery

Improved recovery for XFS/Ext4

Optimized Scan algorithms

And more!

Active@ UNDELETE 14.0.11
  • Version 14.0.11
  • Licence Demo
  • Editeur LSoft Technologies Inc
  • Nombre de
    102 téléchargements
  • Langue logiciel en
  • Type Utilitaires
  • Date de création 31/07/2015
  • Notez ce logiciel :
Active@ UNDELETE 14.0.11 Découvrez Active@ UNDELETE 14.0.11 pour Windows en image

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