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MoodBook pour Windows

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MoodBook is a tiny Windows utility that brings art to your desktop and sets a tone for your daily mood and emotions! With MoodBook your desktop looks like an art gallery changing art expositions either automatically, at regular time intervals, or manually, with a click. Each exposition has either a tranquil, neutral or vivid background and a picture of art in the center. A basic set of art delivers over 75 original digital art images of the following art styles: post-impressionism, modernism, abstractionism, surrealism and computer graphics art. Additionally, MoodBook is designed to help you control your sense and mind, set a tone for your mood, and adjust your mental state. Abstract art pictures have a major impact on your perception, as well as, the desktop background itself sets a tone for your mood, influencing deeply with the color. MoodBook is free!
  • Téléchargé 1112 fois
  • Editeur Argentum Corporation
  • Type Fond d'écran
  • Langue logiciel en
  • Licence Freeware
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  • Ajouté le 14/02/2004
  • Mise à jour le 06/12/2012

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