0patch offers a patch for the Internet Explorer flaw

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A few days ago, we told you about a flaw discovered in Internet Explorer. The latter came to light just after the end of Microsoft’s support for Windows 7. As a result, the operating system is particularly vulnerable, especially since the Redmond firm did not seem in a hurry to correct the problem. Fortunately, the 0patch teams decided to take the lead.

This is not the first time this company has acted before Microsoft and this is good news for people who continue to use Internet Explorer. However, the spokesperson for 0patch recalls that Microsoft proposed a temporary solution, a solution that caused several undesirable side effects such as the malfunctioning of Windows Media Player when playing MP4 files, a problem when using the “Microsoft Print to PDF” option or some configuration scripts that were causing problems.

0patch, for its part, offers a patch that simulates the solution provided by Microsoft but without the negative effects. If you are already using the 0patch platform, please note that the patch is already available for Windows 7 but also for Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2019.

The others will have to wait for Microsoft to propose an official patch that should be released in February.


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