10 applications for hypochondriacs

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Is this the big love story between you and your doctor? You don’t hesitate to run to his house as soon as you have a little bump or unusual pain? This article will therefore interest you. Indeed, health is one of the key areas of application developers, who do not hesitate to brainstorm to develop programs that are supposed to make your life easier. Blood pressure monitor, medication management, or blood glucose monitoring, there is something for every taste and every disease. But while some are real scams, others include a real interest, and these are the ones we are going to talk about today. So put your concerns aside, and discover the 10 free health applications we have selected for you.

Instant Heart Rate

Instant Heart Rate is the application to recommend to all people with hypo or hypertension problems. Free, it calculates the heart rate in just a few seconds. To do this, simply place your index finger on the camera sensor of your smartphone and wait for the result.


My Blood Sugar

In the category of free health application, we also find the My Glycemia app. As you will have understood, this one is mainly aimed at people with diabetes who need to control their blood sugar levels on a daily basis. If the application does not allow this rate to be measured, it does allow it to be recorded and events such as meals that could disrupt it to be recorded. A very practical kind of logbook!


Health Mate

Unlike the first two health applications that targeted specific targets, Heath Mate can be used by anyone. This general health application offers you a global monitoring of your state of health. It allows you to track your weight, blood pressure and even your physical activities.


Runtastic Pedometer

Speaking of physical activities, did you know that walking is one of the best activities for your health? In addition to being accessible to everyone, it is practiced daily when you go to work or pick up your children from school. So, to measure the number of steps you take during the day you can count on Runtastic Pedometer. This application will also give you the distance covered and the number of calories burned. Very motivating!



Pollen allergies are becoming more and more frequent. Every year, new cases appear. And if an allergy of this type is not generally serious for the health of the people concerned, it can be very disabling (runny eyes, sore throat, repeated sneezing, etc.). So to find out the pollen level in your area, you can always download the i-Pollen application for free. It will give you information on the trees or plants responsible for allergies, and especially some advice on how to get through this time of year in the easiest way possible.



The arrival of good weather is always something pleasant, except for the skin, which is constantly abused and exposed to the sun’s rays every day. Thus, to avoid any diseases or skin cancer, it is essential to protect yourself well, with an appropriate cream. A choice not always obvious, which you can now make thanks to the SoleilRisk application. Totally free, it will give you the UV level of your city so that you can protect yourself as well as possible. An essential for the summer holidays!


Drug management

Now let’s move on to drugs with the free Drug Management application. Well thought out, this app allows all users to manage their family pharmacy in the blink of an eye. Thanks to it, you will be able to record your prescriptions, consult the contents of your pharmacy, and even know the number of expired medications to bring back to the pharmacy (never throw the medications in the garbage).



Managing your personal pharmacy is good, but managing your treatment is even better! MediSafe helps you to take your medication well every day thanks to numerous reminders. Impossible to forget the slightest tablet, everything is noted, including the renewal of your prescriptions and their expiry date.


My Pharmacist

And if you have to go to the pharmacy to get your medication, but you don’t know which one is open, the My Pharmacist application gives you the answer. This free application provides you with a list of pharmacies in your city, department or region, including on-call pharmacies, open on Sundays, public holidays or at night (in case of emergency).


VIDAL Mobile

But how to talk about health applications, not to mention VIDAL Mobile. A reference in the field of medicine, VIDAL gives you all the information you need to know about thousands of different medicines. The application, in its free version, also presents a lot of data on rare diseases, and the specific drugs to treat them. To take with you when travelling abroad!


As a bonus

Lite Rescue

Finally, if it is good to take care of your health, it is also good to take a little care of that of others, so the Secours Lite application is to be downloaded without further delay. It is free of charge and provides you with first aid procedures to be carried out in the event of an accident, but also the main emergency numbers to call without delay.


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