3 games and software offered this weekend, don’t miss out

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As usual, Friday rhymes with promotions. Today, we offer you, well not us but it’s the same, no less than 3 completely free games for PC, as well as a software, which alone costs more than 1 500 €, but which is available without charge or subscription at the price of nothing. These 3 good plans are not eternal, so go for it!

3 different styles, but 3 good reasons to play this weekend


The game of sliding and thrills, Steep is free until May 21 at 23h59. After this date, you will no longer be able to take advantage of the offer that UBI Soft makes to you, if you have an Uplay account. The game is a simulation of sliding and extreme sports, such as surfing, skiing or Wingsuit flying. Pretty well received at its release and aimed at a purist audience, it still benefits from new content and we don’t see why you should miss it.

Untold Stories

The Epic Games Store offers us a different free game every two weeks, but this Stories Untold stands out a little bit because we don’t often see it on the other Giveaway sites. “Black Mirror” atmosphere for this narrative adventure game, which is divided into 4 singular stories, between nostalgia for the 80s and curious AI, Point and Click and Puzzle Game… A less obvious title to apprehend, but one that risks tying you down.


You’re being offered by the Humble Store this weekend, and it’s Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition which is highlighted. Lucha Libre, platform and pixel art are at the rendezvous, in a platform game with undeniable retro charm and colorful staging. As usual, you have to subscribe to the newsletter to receive the game, before May 20th, but if you create an account you can accumulate the games that are regularly offered on the platform, or even buy some!

Bonus: 1 architectural visualization software offered


In this genre, this software for professionals offers a rather impressive architectural library.

This software, which will also interest you if you are a private individual and if you like 3D architecture (as we know, don’t pretend to ignore it), is free until November 2019, before becoming profitable again and evolving into a new version. We think it’s a great deal and the good news is that it’s also happening on the Epic Games Store, so it would be a shame not to enjoy it in addition to Stories Untold.

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