5 free applications to spend an excellent Ramadan

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It is this Monday, May 6 that Ramadan 2019 should begin and end on June 5. On this occasion, we have selected for all Muslims in France and Navarre, 5 applications that could help you during this month of fasting. Because let us not forget that during Ramadan, Muslims are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke from sunrise to sunset. It is therefore necessary to get into shape quickly. Thanks to the following applications, you will be able to find out about prayer times at a glance, and even discover recipe ideas, to celebrate with family or friends every evening of the month. Completely free applications to download on Android or iOS.

Ramadan 2019

If we were to recommend that only one application would be this one. Ramadan 2019 has the advantage of offering Muslims around the world the official Ramadan calendar, with the hours of the 5 Islamic prayers, for more than 250 countries. No matter where you live, this app will give you the direction of Mecca. Really very practical!


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Athan Pro Muslim: Azan & Koran

In the complete application genre for Ramadan, we also find the Athan Muslim application: Azan & Koran. Feature-rich, it includes prayer times according to your geographical location, as well as Islamic greeting cards to wish all your friends a good Ramadan.

Athan Pro Muslim

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Muslim Pro – Ramadan 2019

Muslim Pro – Ramadan 2019 is also one of the applications to know, when you are a Muslim, and you are about to do Ramadan. This application includes many interesting tools such as fasting times, prayer times, the Koran with recitations and translations, but also a Qibla compass that will show you the direction of Mecca.

Muslim Pro apk 2019

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Ramadan recipes in French

But Ramadan is not only about prayer applications, it is also about making good meals for the whole family, so you can download the Ramadan Recipes app in French. Between tradition and modernity, the latter offers many recipes of spicy dishes and oriental cakes of all kinds. This is a great way to whet your appetite and test recipes from other countries.

Ramadan recettes

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Muslim Calendar 2019

Let’s finish this selection of Ramadan applications, with the Muslim Calendar 2019. Available free of charge on PC in PDF format (and not on mobile), this calendar is for the moment the calendar to download if you want to know the different important events of the Muslim religion in 2019 (including Ramadan of course). Aesthetically friendly thanks to its oriental designs, it can be used directly on the computer, or printed.

Calendrier musulman 1140 2019

Download the Muslim calendar 2019 in PDF format

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