6 applications to manage daily stress

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Work, exams, family problems… while there are many sources of stress, the damage caused by a state of permanent anxiety is just as much. Symptoms can range from simple sleep disorders to much more serious problems such as a stomach ulcer. Thus, in the event of intensive and lasting stress, it is important to react very quickly, otherwise your health will be damaged. And for that, you can count on anti-stress applications. Available on iOS and Android, they have the advantage of being accessible anywhere and anytime. Most of them are based on simple and natural principles such as music therapy or breathing. Seinier than medicines, they are easy to handle and very entertaining. So if you no longer have nails to bite, and your heart keeps rising in the towers, try one of the 6 anti-stress applications presented in this article, you may avoid a nervous breakdown!

Relax Lite

Relieve your stress in just 5 minutes with the Relax Lite application. This last one combines breathing exercises and soft music, for the greatest happiness of the users who quickly regain their calm and serenity. A moment of intense relaxation to be performed several times a day if necessary.


Stress Check

But even before you can fight stress, you still need to know what causes it. To do this, you can use the Stress Check application. Through a short questionnaire, it will help you determine your anxiety level and give you solutions to relax. The goal is for you to be able to manage your stress gradually, and not to get anxious for nothing.


Zero Stress

It is not always easy to manage stress on your own. Some people need psychological help. So, if you are in this case, it is better to download Zero Stress. This application provides you with a personalized coach who will make you work in four different areas: “Relieve the pressure”, “Manage your time”, “Regulate your emotions”, and “Communicate calmly”.



In simple but effective anti-stress applications, we also find the Headspace application. This one is distinguished by an original concept: meditation. Indeed, it includes 10 different levels, with for each of them 10 minutes of meditation to be performed. A good way to take stock, recharge your batteries, and find solutions to your problems, without stress.


Breathe Relax

The best way to relax is often to breathe. The only problem is that we don’t always know how to do it well. RespiRelax is a free application that guides you in your breathing. It provides you with several breathing exercises ranging from 3 to 9 minutes, with a different number of breaths per minute depending on your heart rate.


Stress Ninja Pro

Finally, if the only way to calm down is to let off steam, don’t hit the first wall you find, at the risk of getting hurt, but download the Stress Ninja Pro game instead. This one has been specially designed to help users pass their nerves. How? How? By smashing a little ninja. A game more fun than violent, which has the advantage of being hyper unstressing!


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