Marvel Future Revolution is playable right now !

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Yes, the game has been soft-launched in this country only and lucky owners of a compatible phone (be prepared to download 5GB of data and have to display 3D graphics in HD) can try it now.

For people living in other countries, there is a simple solution to overcome this geographical restriction and start playing the adventure that features Marvel characters in an extra-dimensional cosmic cataclysm. All you have to do is use…a VPN! They have to be used for something other than unblocking programs on Netflix and Amazon Prime after all!

Here’s the procedure, although by now you’re getting used to it:

-Go to your Google Play account and add an account. If you only have one, just create one from the Gmail interface.

-Your second account will be used to unlock games, while the main account will not be able to change geolocation.

-Download a VPN (if you don’t have one) that supports Canada

-Go to your settings.

-Go to Applications, and stop the Google Play process.

-In the “storage” section, clear the cache of the Google Play app.

-Launch your VPN and connect to Canada.

-Open Google Play on your main account. Then change your account.

-Go to the Marvel Future Revolution page and install it, or go through the apk we provide.

-Still logged in Canada, launch the game and wait for the download to finish.

-Play the game!

The story: It’s time for all the Marvel heroes to join forces to counter the fusion of the earth with another earth from a parallel dimension. This cosmic threat will mobilize all the heroic bangs and each playable character will have their own story and gameplay.

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