Adobe Photoshop Camera: Our complete test

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Photoshop Camera is Adobe’s next mobile application designed for the general public. The creators of Photoshop unveiled the beta of the application last November, the final version of which should be released in early 2020. Logitheque offers you a preview through the complete test of the Preview version.

Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop Camera

For our test, we used a OnePlus 6 under Android 10. The Adobe Photoshop Camera (PsC) preview can be installed on devices running Android 9.0 or later. However, not all smartphones running Android 9.0 are compatible. The photo utility installs in the classic way and does not require any special configuration except the association of an Adobe account and authorization to use the camera of the camera. Adobe gives you the ability to create an account quickly using your Google or Facebook address.

After a short presentation of the application’s features, we finally discover its interface. PsC has, at first glance, the basic characteristics of a photo application:

  • A button to capture images
  • A selection of filters sorted by theme (other filters available for free download)
  • Access to the smartphone or Lightroom gallery
  • A shortcut to download new filters
Photoshop Camera

Navigating from one menu to another is very simple. The different filters are easily applicable and adjustable. Moreover, even if the application is called Photoshop Camera, there is clearly no need to know anything about graphics to get good results.

Is Photoshop Camera a powerful application?

Let’s get to the heart of the matter. Does Photoshop Camera really deserve this name? Is it making its mark in the huge jungle of mobile photo applications? That’s what we’re going to see.

Sensei-powered filters in a mess

By default, PsC offers 9 types of filters: Portrait, Pop Art, Adobe MAX, Spectrum, Food, Scenery, Artful, Blue Skies, Night Shift.

Comic Skies - Photoshop Camera

Life is much more beautiful in Comics books

Presented in this way, PsC seems to be a commonplace photo application. Nevertheless, from the first use, we quickly notice that it is a separate utility. It must be said that the application is doped with artificial intelligence. Indeed, Photoshop Camera uses Adobe Sensei, the AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology of the publisher.

Here, Adobe Sensei allows you to precisely identify the photographed scenes. Food, landscapes, faces, buildings, everything is easily categorized by this technology in PsC.

So, when you take a picture of a dish or a person, the application perfectly identifies the scene and suggests very specific automatic retouching.

Adobe PsC Food

Automatic retouching: left the original image, right the retouched image

Portrait mode allows you to modify the depth of field to obtain a more or less natural Bokeh effect on the images. So, if your smartphone does not allow you to adjust the blur around the subject by default, you can bypass this pitfall with PsC.

PsC also allows you to directly touch up faces. Indeed, the application is able to select the subject’s face very precisely to apply automatic retouching such as smoothing lines or adding light, without these modifications affecting the other elements (clothing, background).

In addition to Portrait retouching, the application offers filters for the same mode. Thus, you can generate your selfies with various Pop Art patterns.

Pop Art Camera Adobe

As for the landscapes, here again, Adobe Sensei does its work and identifies quite well the scenes displaying mountains or sunsets.

Photoshop Camera Ssky

Automatic retouching: left the original image, right the retouched image

Overall, automatic touch-ups are relevant, especially in well-lit scenes. Like all photo utilities, the PsC application can do little for dark shots. So do not expect convincing results for night landscapes.

The application includes a nice option called Night Shift. This filter has nothing to do with the option of the same name available in Google Pixel smartphones. Here, it is a filter to apply effects to your shots. With such a filter, you can literally transform a sunny beach photo into a fairly good night photo with its starry sky.

Adobe Photoshop Camera

Night Shift filter: left original image, right retouched image

Moreover, this same Night Shift filter allows to generate images (short videos) with animated stars. This possibility is also offered by the Blue Skies filter, which easily replaces the cloudy sky of a photo with a blue sky and other filters in the application. PsC is therefore a good tool to easily create fun cinemagraphs.

During our tests, we noticed that the sky replacement was not always accurate for both filters. Minor artifacts may appear because Adobe Sensei cannot correctly select all the elements to be processed. Remember that this test is performed on the Preview version of the application.

Applying filters in real time is child’s play

The other advantage of PsC is the application of filters in real time. You can get a simultaneous preview by choosing a filter before taking a shot. The real-time application does not yet seem fully developed and clearly lacks fluidity. However, this does not prevent good results.

Our opinion on Adobe Photoshop Camera

It’s hard not to compare Adobe Photoshop Camera with Instagram or Snapchat social applications. Moreover, the latter also offers real-time filters boosted with augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Unlike Snap, Adobe seems to focus primarily on creativity. With this application, the American firm intelligently capitalizes on the Photoshop brand. The filters are generally successful and the settings are extremely easy.

However, keep in mind that this is a free consumer application and that the manual settings are less advanced than on Lightroom or Photoshop Express, the other mobile editing applications from Adobe. Note also that the application does not offer any trimming or cropping tools. However, you can choose a 4:3 or 16:9 ratio before taking your pictures.

Photoshop Camera is perfectible, but really allows you to optimize your photos in a snap, which makes it a very promising application.

You too, try the Photoshop Camera application

Photoshop camera icon

Download the APK of PsC

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