Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 Test: Improve your photos in a few clicks

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If we often think of professional editing when we talk about Photoshop, we should not forget its Elements version. The latter, intended for individuals, makes it easy to retouch your photos. The 2020 version has just been released with some new features that Logitheque has been able to test.

Installing and getting started with Photoshop Elements 2020

The installation of the software is rather simple and quick to learn. Please note, however, that downloading it will require you to have an Adobe account beforehand. This ID will also be requested when you first use it.

If you are therefore hesitant to go to the cash register after reading this test, it is quite possible to try the software for a month by visiting this address. You will still need an Adobe account to retrieve the installer.

The file in question weighs just over 3 GB. The application itself will require a little more than 1 GB of storage. As for configuration, Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 is available from Windows 8.1 and MacOS 10.13 and 4 GB of RAM will be required (8 GB recommended).

We did not encounter any problems during the installation. The latter takes less than 10 minutes and does not install any other unwanted software as is sometimes the case with some suites. Note that an internet connection is required to activate the product.

When the software is launched

Once the software is running, you can already make a small criticism: the desktop shortcut does not directly launch Photoshop Elements but a control panel. From this one, it is possible to find several very practical and easy to access tutorials but also to launch real Photoshop.

The programs linked to Elements are then on the right. “Publisher of video” corresponds to First 2020 whose test can be found on our website. “Photo editor” is the real shortcut to launch Photoshop 2020. Each of them comes with a photo and video organizer included by Adobe, which we will come back to later.

Among the new features are

There are 8 new features announced by Adobe. Let’s quickly move on to the support of HEIF and HEVC formats as well as intelligent search (integrated into the organizer).

  • The automatic photo effects are quite uneven and will depend mostly on your subject. We were able to easily create blur or recomposition effects in a few minutes.
  • The most impressive thing is the colorization of black & white photos. On our 3 black and white photos, the color result was always quite successful and the few errors can be corrected later.

The colorization tool is quite effective. Click here for a larger overview.

  • The selection of topics is now done in a few clicks thanks to an intelligent algorithm. It is then very easy to select a person or object in a few seconds. The result will not be 100% accurate but it is very easy to refine it later.
  • Smoothing the skin easily removes some pimples and other imperfections. The result, however, depends a lot on your subject. In our photos with a lot of acne, the acne no longer appeared. However, the face remained red, and moles are also concerned (although this is not necessarily an imperfection in itself).
  • The removal of elements is certainly the point that disappointed us the most. If you want to remove small effects like a tree in the distance, a cloud or a bird, the software clearly does its job. When trying to delete an entire person, the result unfortunately remains very obvious, making this part of the shot very “false”.
  • The integrated patterns are nice and allow you to add a few small stickers while protecting your main subject. Unfortunately, it is impossible to mix two different patterns at once. You will first have to apply one, exit the tool, then restart it with another pattern.

Interface and features

Once Photoshop Elements 2020 is launched, the program is divided into 3 categories according to your knowledge and touch-up needs: Quick, Guided and Expert.

  • The Quick tab allows, as it indicates, to easily perform small retouching operations in an almost automatic way. This will improve exposure, lighting, color, temperature balance and sharpness.
  • The Guided part allows you to display all the options to modify an image.
  • Finally, the Expert tab is presented as a real graphics software, at least in appearance.

It must be recognized that the three interfaces are very clean and easy to handle. However, it will not be enough to rely solely on automatic changes. We recommend instead to proceed with the latter via the Quick or Guided tab and then to go to the Expert to apply the last small adjustments. In addition, it is very easy to navigate between the different tabs and functionalities: zoom, movement, brushes, eraser… Those who are familiar with graphic design software will find most of their favorite tools.

However, it should be recalled that this is a solution for individuals. Photoshop Elements 2020 cannot therefore replace a real solution for professionals like the authentic Adobe Photoshop.

Conclusion and downloads

In all its functions, Photoshop Elements 2020 surprised us rather. Some of the features announced are really amazing and will allow you to surprise those around you. Others, however, did not have the desired effect. Is it because the photos are too ambitious? Maybe. Let’s bet that the software will fully suit you for simple retouching and plate improvements.

Its real strength certainly comes from its speed of execution. Changes, from simple adjustments to complete alterations, can be made in just a few seconds. The click selection is also very easy to handle and surprisingly fast.

We would therefore only recommend Photoshop Elements 2020 if you are used to having to do photo retouching without having any knowledge of graphics.

Download the trial version of Adobe Photoshop Elements for Windows

Download the trial version of Adobe Photoshop Elements for Mac

Buy Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020

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