Adobe Unveils Premiere Elements 2018

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Video and photography enthusiasts never miss the autumn meeting offered by Adobe. Every year, the famous software publisher unveils new versions of its programs to the delight of video and photography enthusiasts. Today, he is presenting the latest mainstream version of his flagship video editing software: Adobe Premiere. This new version, which includes so-called essential tools, has been renamed Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 this year.

Sort your videos easily with Organizer

Sorting your holiday memories and all the videos you take every day with your smartphone or sports camera is not easy. The Organizer feature allows you to centralize all the videos stored on your machine but not just any way. Indeed, the software visually presents your media and automatically sorts them by date to allow you to better locate them. You can also sort them by album, folder, favorites, and more if you add your own tags (places, people, events). Note that the feature also supports photos.

Extract photos from your videos

When we are in the heat of the action, and when we film an event, we sometimes forget to take pictures to capture it. Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 offers a very interesting tool called “live image”. This feature allows you to automatically extract great shots from your videos.

A dynamic connection tool to gather the best sequences

Adobe First Elements integrates a tool that can find the best sequences of your videos according to its style to simply extract and automatically combine these moments into a new video. You can adjust the functionality settings so that the tool focuses on people or action. The handling is extremely simple, just choose your style and move the virtual wheel.

Make quality assemblies in a few clicks

Editing video seems extremely easy with Adobe Premiere Elements 2018. Like Photoshop Elements, the software has three levels of use: “Fast, Guided and Expert” to simplify the user experience and adapt to all types of users. Guided editing links fast editing to expert mode by explaining step by step, the different steps of editing such as adding titles, effects or filters, cutting and finally exporting to video or GIF format.

There are 18 of these tutorials in this new version and allow you to create different types of films. The software obviously includes the classic image editing tools and supports many action camera profiles.

Original creative slideshows

The editing software is complete, there is a completely redesigned slideshow creation module. It allows you to create original and totally original slideshows from videos but also from photos. Premiere Elements 18 automatically selects the best shots and videos to combine them.

The creative and playful aspect is at the heart of this new version, which also offers the possibility of making video collages or films in one click. All your creations can be burned on a CD or shared on the social platforms of your choice: Youtube, Vimeo or even Facebook.

While this 2018 version does not represent a complete renewal of the editing software, Adobe Premiere Elements remains an essential tool for enthusiasts who want to achieve quality results without spending hours on an edit. This new version is available for 99 euros. You can already download the 30-day trial version free of charge to get your own idea.

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