After LReM, the PCF also launches its video game for Europeans

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In the game “A worker in the European Parliament”, Marie-Hélène Bourlard must arrive in parliament having collected all the votes, and crush all her opponents, the fachos, the bankers and the lobbyists. The PCF candidate, number 2 on the list led by Ian Brossat, is staged in a platform game that recalls “Super Jam Bros”, the game released on May 9 and which allows Nathalie Loiseau to play against the populists.

With the means at hand

This production “Maison” is not likely to compete with the canons of the genre, or even with the title published by Les Jeunes avec Macron. Marie-Hélène Bourlard is only embodied by a generic sprite and must, during 3 pixelized levels, tataner in turn skinheads (bah!), bankers (bah!) and lobbyists (it depends on which ones), all while collecting ballot boxes full of votes.

Marie Hélène Bourlard jeu vidéo

As you will have understood, this little game is neither very pretty nor very interesting and has as much finesse in its subject matter as a copy of a high school student trying to analyse politics. On the other hand, it succeeds where its competitor on the “Renaissance” list fails, namely to deliver a message in accordance with the party line. Where the game with Nathalie Loiseau gets caught in the carpet, “A worker in the European Parliament” goes straight to the point, ends in 3 minutes and gives information on the stakes of the election.

Well, let’s be clear, don’t play either one, it’s better… But you were told that Durango was available in Europe?

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