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In order to improve your company’s analytical capabilities, computer software is used to collect a set of data and then report and analyze it.

As a company manager and for your employees, a technological process called BI (Business Intelligence) will help you considerably to improve your decision-making. You benefit from an overview of your activity, while saving you valuable time.

What are the objectives of BI?

Autonomy and productivity are two inseparable parameters for the smooth running of a company. Thanks to the BI software, the information of your structure such as production, accounting, customers and everything related to your activity, will be synthesized so that you can analyze each request in real time and make strategic decisions.

The benefits of this BI computing are considerable. The standardization of this data, with the actors of your company and with your partners, makes it possible to take new orientations in order to promote the growth of your company.

The objectives of BI are to provide you with a direct view of what is happening in your company, whether it is in terms of inventory, sales or finances. This allows you to correct errors, solve problems and anticipate future trends.

By alerting you to your key indicators (KPIs), BI is a tool that works against time so that each user can quickly correct anomalies and make the necessary decisions.

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How to enjoy its benefits?

BI software is a mechanism that extracts, transfers and consolidates data that can be used from internal systems and external sources. To generate them effectively, you must first assess your needs. By defining your KPIs in a detailed and segmented way, you will obtain the profiles that interest you. And for an easy use of this tool, it is better to prefer it simple and quick to use.

For example, it is better to send you reports with a few comments attached than to display dashboards that considerably complicate the portal and will redirect users in the long term. The purpose of BI is to bring added value to your company and each decision taken must largely cover the investment you have made in this product and in its training.

The main axes of your strategy as well as your company’s policy must stand out with the BI you will have put in place and to do so, the data entered in your databases must be clear and precise. BI is your ally and you need to have confidence in it to exploit it and achieve concrete results.

How to choose the right BI tool?

In order to choose the BI software that will fully meet the requirements you have set for yourself, you must analyze the data that will then be analyzed. To benefit from all the interests related to BI, also look at the physical presentation of your tool: graphs, tables, histograms, maps, spreadsheets, etc. It is essential to handle your software with an interface that will suit you because it will help you to focus on its results and get the most out of it.

Many publishers offer BI software and it’s a bit of a jungle for the beginner who doesn’t know where to turn. BI’s product ranges are very varied and depending on the dashboard you want and your needs, careful research will be inevitable to make sure you are not mistaken.

Put your project forward: what is its size, type and who will use it? These answers will define your objectives and bring you into the world of Business Intelligence and all its privileges.

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