An app that does your homework for you? Yes, it exists

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Are you a teacher and/or parent and are you concerned about the duties of your students/children? Know that soon they will no longer worry as much and may spend much less time doing them, because technology will replace research and reflection, when faced with mathematical problems, but also SVT or literature. The Socratic application makes it possible to find solutions for more or less complicated exercises in the user’s place, while also providing explanations.

Socratic, so practical

Socratic, how does it work? This Android or iOs application works on the principle of character recognition (OCR): Take a picture of the problem, the software will first recognize the different characters (numbers, symbols, letters…) then search its database to find a match.

For example, if we scan the following equation (experiment):


The application will look for the resolution (and the answer) step by step on different sites, and even proposes several detailed solutions.

For written science problems, Socratic will go to smaller and sometimes (often?) dubious databases. Indeed, community question/answer sites such as Yahoo Answers should not be considered reliable, although they already provide a beginning of an element of answer or reflection.

No miracle solution

To solve a math problem that is proving to be challenging, the application can really take a thorn out of the student’s side. But it will not be able to do anything for more complex homework and most often replaces a basic Internet search (Anicet Mbida was talking about it this morning). It is difficult to believe that literature assignments can be processed by this program, although algorithms are already beginning to produce elaborate texts.

And during supervised homework, the use of the smartphone being prohibited, the student will be confronted with the harsh reality: The classes will not be assimilated because of Socratic, and it will be necessary to turn to traditional cheating tricks, such as anti-drying or copying on the neighbor. Like in the 20th century.

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