Attention! Google News eats your mobile data while you sleep

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If you are a Google News user, you may have already noticed that you are consuming more data since you started using the app.

Indeed, several consumers complained, on the Google News forum, about the application being more greedy than it seems. Indeed, they explain that the app uses a large amount of data in the background, which can lead to overruns, depending on your phone plan.

Google reacted to the reports, dating back to last June, but is still trying to find a solution to this problem. A colleague of The Verge, journalist Zach Dowdle, conducted a small experiment to show the extent of the problem.

Before going to sleep, he disconnected the Wi-Fi connection from his smartphone and left the application in the background. In one night, the application burned 12 GB of data, even though the same app had used 21 GB in Wi-Fi in one month. That night, the journalist with 12 GB of lost data accumulated an overrun fee of $75, or about €65.50.

According to users, the cost of overruns could reach up to $385, or €335.66. Until the problem is solved, we can only recommend that you leave your Wi-Fi connection on, or disconnect the data transfer directly.

In addition, feel free to completely close the applications you have opened when you are no longer using them. Even when they are in the background, a number of applications continue to use your data, and sometimes have access to certain elements of your phone (to which you gave access the first time you opened them), such as your camera, keyboard or images.

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