Catan World Explorers: How do I pre-register for the new game from the creators of Pokémon GO?

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Catan is originally a board and strategy game in which you are led to develop a colony on the island of Catania. But with Niantic at the controls, we had to expect a mobile adaptation of a completely different kind. For Rappel, Niantic Labs is the company behind Pokémon GO. After publishing games such as Ingress, Pokémon Go and Harry Potter Wizarde Unite, Niantic is once again ready to exploit a popular license: Catan.


In Catan World Explorers, the board game is doped to augmented reality. From now on, the whole world serves as a plateau for you. You will always have to develop your colony, but this time it is planet Earth that will serve as your playground. In Catan World Explorers, you can harvest, exchange resources and expand your colony directly into the real world. As in Pokémon Go, the squares and other iconic monuments in the area will become points of interest. From these you can collect the famous resources essential to the development of your colony.

NPCs will invite you to frank negotiating sessions that will allow you to improve your inventory if necessary. Catan World Explorers is also the opportunity to team up with complete strangers or friends to forge strategic alliances. These will allow you to expand your playground and create roads. Simultaneous clashes and a customizable matchmaking system are available to allow you to play with your friends, all from your smartphone.

Catan World Explorers Android

Catan World Explorers iOS


The Release Date Catan World Explorers has not yet been revealed. Of course, Logitheque remains on the lookout and will most certainly offer you the APK of the game as soon as it is published, even if it intervenes in a region other than yours. While waiting for the launch of the game, you can already pre-register. Just go to the official Catan World Explorers website and click the yellow button at the top right. All you have to do is enter a valid email address, date of birth and your country before clicking the “Submit” button.

Catan World ExplorerPreregister


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