CleverPDF : The trick to easily convert PDF files into Word documents

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Editing a PDF file is no easy task when you don’t have a dedicated tool. Often, users think that this is a complicated task to perform and that it is necessary to use several softwares that are not very intuitive. We will prove the opposite: indeed, there is a method of converting the PDF into a Word document, to make it editable. Here’s how to do it.

Online toolboxes for converting, merging, compressing PDFs

There are a multitude of more or less effective online solutions for editing PDF documents. These are in the form of sites offering several modules for processing PDF files. Some free solutions such as CleverPDF stand out from the crowd, especially because of their interface and ease of use.

CleverPDF is a relatively young product. Created in 2017, it has gradually improved to become faster, more stable. The toolbox is now translated into 19 languages, including French. The CleverPDF conversion tool is reliable and accessible to all.

Go to and click on the first box “PDF in Word“. This is the conversion module that allows you to transform a PDF file into a Word document in.docx and.doc formats.


Click on the “select a file” button to choose the file to convert. You can also drag and drop to load the document.

All you have to do is define the output format (.docx or.doc) and click on the “start” button.

The conversion takes only a few seconds. Obviously, if you try to convert a document that is several pages long, it will last a little longer.


Once the conversion is finished, the tool suggests you to recover your file. As mentioned above, CleverPDF has improved enormously since its inception. Its conversion module is able to detect and store tables and formatting of the original document.

Please note that documents are deleted from CleverPDF servers after 30 minutes. You can also delete it manually, after you have downloaded your converted document.


Convert a PDF document to Word on Windows and Mac

In addition to its online service, CleverPDF also exists as offline Windows and Mac applications. However, there are some limitations to this software.


Indeed, you cannot convert PDFs with more than three pages into Word files. The full version of the program will cost you €34.99 on PC or Mac.

Article written in partnership with CleverPDF

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