Crash Bandicoot is available on Android, how to download it?

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Crash Bandicoot is finally available on mobile. Previewed in February, Crash was the talk of the town for a few days, then it was the most complete radio silence until April. The game developed by King (Candy Crush) in partnership with Activision is being pre-launched in Malaysia. King has not yet announced the official release date of the game, but it could be in the coming months. Here’s how to download Crash Bandicoot before everyone else and play it in preview.


At the time of writing, Crash Bandicoot is only available in Malaysia. Unless you are a resident of Malaysia, you cannot download it due to Google’s geographical restriction on the Play Store catalogue. However, there is a way around this restriction. All you need is a VPN and a second Google Account.

Crash Bandicoot Download
  1. Make sure you have two Google Accounts to make it easier to switch between Play Store catalogs.
  2. Get a VPN with a server in Malaysia. For your information, NordVPN offers one.
  3. Log in to your VPN’s Malaysian server.
  4. Go to your smartphone’s application settings to clear the Google Play Store application cache.
  5. Restart Play Store and switch to your second Google Account. Then search for “Crash Bandicoot”.
  6. Download the app.


If you don’t have a VPN, you can simply download the two files needed to install Crash Bandicoot. These are the APK “com.king.crash.apk” (installer) and the essential OBB file “” (game data). To obtain these two files, type their name in your favorite search engine. Be careful because some sites may modify these two files and offer altered versions. :

  1. Install the APK of the game by running the file com.king.crash_0.1.1096.apk. If your smartphone is recent, you will probably be asked to allow the application source (in this case your web browser) before you can install the APK. If your smartphone is on an older version of Android, then you will have to go to its security settings to allow the installation of APK from unknown sources. Once the game installation is complete, reset the default setting.
  2. Using a file explorer, move the file to the Android>Obb>com.king.crash directory on your Android device. If this directory does not exist, create it and place the OBB file there.
  3. Launch Crash Bandicoot on your mobile device.

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