Dassault: it wasn’t just weapons, it was also software

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Serge Dassault is dead, and the media hasten to look for the obituaries of the old businessman among their ready-made obituaries. Armament, press, politics, his legacy is deciphered, but it is also without counting on Dassault Systèmes.

Did you know that Dassault is also a company specialized in 3D modeling? Perhaps less flashy than the famous Rafale, Dassault Systèmes is much more profitable.


You may be familiar with Homebyme, the online 3D space planning service. The tool allows you to build the plan of your ideal home, obtain 3D or 360° images, etc. In addition, the company also offers consulting services or design and decoration services.

Modélisation 3D

3D modeling realized with the Homebyme software

No aircraft without software

Similarly, Catia’s design and engineering software has enabled the construction of many aircraft vehicles, from the first aircraft prototypes to the Airbus. Without this software of Applied Interactive Three-dimensional Assisted Design”, many projects concerning the aeronautical and space fields would not have been possible.

Le Rafale

The Rafale.

Tools for professionals

Among the tools published by Dassault Systems concerning 3D modeling, Solidworks was designed for electrical design or technical data management.

Logiciel Geovia.

Geovia Software

There are also a few professional tools such as Enovia, the collaborative 3D modeling tool, or tools published in marketing centres (to manage customer experience and channels), management tools (BI, dashboards, simulation).

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