Diet applications: info or intox?

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The regime, what a nice invention to make women and now men feel guilty as summer approaches. A magic word for beauty salons that fill up with palpate-roll and other fat burners as their customers wonder whether or not they will get into their bikinis without looking like a sperm whale washed up on the beach. Every year new methods and tools for weight loss appear. A phenomenon that does not spare the world of software and even less that of applications that are flourishing day by day on this subject. Between applications to lose excess weight, those to eat a balanced diet, and others to transform your stomach into a chocolate bar, you no longer know where to turn your head. But is the existence of these applications really justified? Can they really help users lose weight without endangering their health? We have looked at it and here is what we have learned from it.

Watch your weight without worrying about it

When we talk about diet, we must always be very suspicious. Only a proper dietician can establish a diet for a patient whose overweight becomes a real health hazard. Beyond that, the word diet has no interest whatsoever. Nevertheless, if you want to refine your figure by losing a few kilos, it is not a doctor you need but rather a coach, and in this sense, and in this sense only, applications like Calorie Counters can be useful. In addition to providing advice and information on the different caloric and vitamin intakes of food, it encourages users to eat anything and play sports. Thus, there is no diet on the program, but the adoption of a true lifestyle. Moreover, the possibility of following your curve is also a good motor to hold on morally, provided that it does not become an obsession of course.

compteur de calories

In the same genre but a little more technical, there are applications like Manage Your Weight and Diet. With it, you will be able to monitor your daily intake of fats and carbohydrates. But above all, this application will reassure you about your weight by showing you that you are not “fat” despite what you think. Indeed, the possibility of calculating your BMI (Body Mass Index) and IMG (Fat Mass Index) allows you to see if you are underweight or overweight. If you are not in one of these two cases, go your way, you don’t need any diet and no application. It’s all right! It’s all right!

gérez votre poids et régime

Learning to eat a balanced diet

But before embarking on a drastic diet of apples and 0% yoghurt, you should ask yourself the right question: “Is my diet balanced? ». And at 90%, the answer will be no. So if you don’t know where to start to find a good diet, you can choose some applications or software that focus exclusively on this topic. On the one hand, they will give you ideas for meals to set up, which will respect your caloric and energy needs, and on the other hand, they will inform you about foods that are more or less fatty, or more or less sweet, that you should eat in small quantities. As a result, Calorie’Z is quite well made. Presented as a cookbook, it includes hundreds of different recipes to be made according to your initial objective.


In addition to this software, the Assistant Plan application could also meet your needs. It presents several diets with several feeding plans each time. So you can choose the one that best matches your profile and above all customize the plans to your liking. Practical, it even helps you to make your shopping list to make the proposed recipes. Finally, if you have any questions and want to share your experience with others, you can go to the users’ forum.

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Play sports regularly

Finally, if adopting a balanced diet is the basis of a healthy lifestyle, sport is also part of it. And yes, too often people want to lose weight without moving their little finger. Well, unfortunately, that’s not possible. Physical exercise is good for both body and mind, so whether or not you want to lose weight, it is recommended to do it regularly. Does the slogan “Eat, Move” mean anything to you? Well, there you go. So instead of downloading all the diet applications you find on the Internet, think first of all of downloading a sports application. I am talking about those that offer typical exercises to work on the abdominals, arms, buttocks and other parts of the body. In this sense 7 Minutes Workout is a good compromise if you are not very sporty at the base. Regularity being more important than duration, this application offers you to do 7 minutes of weight training, sheathing and abdominal muscles every day, quietly, in your living room. Videos, illustrations and audio instructions will motivate you and keep you going over and over again.

7 minutes workout

Finally, running has become very popular lately, especially on Facebook where everyone likes to post their route of the day, so you can choose a jogging application like RunKeeper. Designed as a real coach, it gives you all the information you need to motivate yourself, such as the number of calories burned, the distance covered or the time elapsed. This application will allow you to keep in shape while avoiding ruining yourself in a very expensive and often crowded gym.


In any case, the actual diet applications are to be taken with some caution. Of course, they can give you nutritional advice and motivate you to exercise, but none of them will work miracles, and those who promise you that are the first to ban your smartphone or tablet. So stay alert and take care of yourself, that’s the most important thing.

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