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There are many digital storage spaces, on the cloud or locally, to manage your documents. Whether or not they integrate record management techniques, we present the main solutions available.

For current and intermediate archives

When you want to create, modify, or share files, you need to have storage space adapted to the nature of your content and your use. These different solutions have in common the fact that they store content that can be modified.

The GED solution is the most well known, it is used by companies to manage textual documents mainly, and sometimes some small multimedia content.

The DAM is a more useful IT solution than a GED for managing digital content other than textual documents. It supports digital assets, i.e. digital objects produced and marketed as such, for example its videos, software, images, etc.

The PIM tool allows you to manage your product information, very useful if your database is important, if you manage an e-commerce platform for example. You create product sheets in which you can attach data and multimedia content.

CRM works on the same principle: this time you create customer files, and link information, content and the history of your customer relationship to them. You fill in all the data that will allow you to segment your prospects and thus set up a prospecting strategy. Some very complete ERP systems also have PIM, CRM and/or GED functions.

CMS, or WCMS for “Web Content Management System” also have a storage function, since these solutions, first published to create and feed websites, also store the data contained therein.

For archives with probative and final value

Concerning frozen archives, which are no longer intended to be modified and whose authenticity, integrity, confidentiality or legal value professionals wish, on the contrary, to guarantee, it is a question of not using a traditional storage medium.

Indeed, a GED or ERP solution is not intended to guarantee protection from the modification or confidentiality of a document: their functionalities tend to be such that they can share and modify it freely.

Prefer an EAS for your sensitive digital archives or those whose probative value you want to be able to demonstrate. It is an “electronic archiving system” designed to guarantee all the conditions that allow a document to have a probative value. The SAE guarantees the security and traceability of files. It ensures that the document has not been modified or altered, but also that you can read it.

Also use a digital safe for your final archives: it guarantees you a high level of security, ideal for protecting your sensitive or historically valuable data.

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