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You may be familiar with Microsoft Office 365 for professionals and individuals who use it as an online office suite, but do you know Office 365 Education?

This solution could well radically transform the way learning and collaboration takes place in schools.

A wide range of tools

This offer is free of charge to allow you to create a learning environment adapted to your teaching, to communicate, collaborate, create, share and study. You will be able to opt for additional services for which a charge will be made according to your needs.

You will find in the Microsoft Office 365 Education package:

  • Office Online: your Word, Excel, and Power Point files online (as well as OneNote and Sway)
  • Exchange Online: an email, calendar and contact directory for each user with the institution’s domain name and 50 GB of storage space per person.
  • Yammer and Skype: your private social network and an instant messaging and video conferencing tool.
  • SharePoint Online: a sharing space to exchange projects, ideas and documents
  • OneDrive: an online storage service of 1 TB per user
  • Project Online: a project management tool (field trip, educational project, etc.)

You therefore have a range of intuitive tools at your disposal to design an education that is as fluid, fun and collaborative as possible.

Among the least popular features, Sway allows you to create and share interactive, responsive web panels stored in OneDrive, Youtube, Facebook, etc. Learning to use the Internet from an early age, and in class, it’s possible.

Imagine the connected class

Thanks to all these new functions, the usual organization within the class can be completely improved.

First of all, you can create a chain secure for each teacher’s class via SharePoint. This will allow you to share your documents and exercises with students, and students will also be able to share their presentations with others, in Word or PowerPoint format for example.

During classes, the teacher can also give exercises to be completed by students while monitoring their progress from his or her tablet. This allows him to identify exceptional students and can help them quickly. The teacher can also send their students the homework to be returned with a date on which to do so.

Share with the school

You can also make full use of the tools at your disposal to encourage teachers, but also other staff members, to communicate with each other. You have a private social network, Yammer, and Skype to share with ease.

They are also excellent ways to make announcements about the school (events, projects, school holidays).

Written in collaboration with Microsoft.

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