Disney+: your device is not compatible with this version? Here is the solution

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Disney + is officially available in France since April 7. The new streaming platform offers a varied catalog with content from the MARVEL, Pixar, Star Wars, Disney and National Geographic universes. Unfortunately, not everyone can take advantage of it. Some users are unable to install the app because it does not appear in the Google Play Store.

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Many of our readers encounter a problem with the sound and stability of the application after installing Disney+. In some cases, the application is completely silent, in others, it is possible to activate the sound by changing the audio language while the movie is playing. Some users have been able to resolve this issue by changing the audio settings in their Android box, including Dolby settings.

We have probably identified the source of the problem thanks to additional information from one of our readers in the comments of the article (Thanks Pat ?). It could be an audio decoding problem.

Most of the content offered has a Dolby Digital Plus audio track that is not decoded by some devices. There are two options for recovering the audio broadcast:

Connect the unit to a Dolby Digital Plus compatible AV receiver.
Use the Disney+ download feature. When downloading content into the Disney+ application, the audio track in the Disney+ application is downloaded in stereo, not Dolby Digital Plus.

As a reminder, the Disney+ streaming platform is officially compatible with devices equipped with the Widevine L1. If your device uses a lower security DRM (Widevine L3 for example), then other problems or restrictions may arise.

To find out which DRM your device uses, you can use the DRM Info application.

Download DRM Info

In addition to our Beelink GT King (Widevine L1), we also tested the application on an Android M8S II Box (Android 6.0). The latter is less robust, less recent and uses the Widevine L3. The installation went well and we didn’t encounter any sound problems behind our AV receiver. However, when we connect the box directly to the TV, there is indeed no sound anymore.

If new information comes to light and we find the cause and solution to this sound problem, we will of course update this article. Good luck!


The Disney + Android application is normally compatible with devices with at least version 5.0 (Lollipop) of the Google operating system. To find out if your Android device is compatible, go to its settings. Then you have to slide your finger up to display the “About the phone” or “About the tablet” section. The final step is to check the number that appears under “Android version”.

If the number is less than 5, then you won’t be able to install the application, so it makes sense that the message “your device is not compatible with this version” will be displayed even when you use the Disney+ Google Play link. If, on the contrary, the number is equal to or greater than 5, your device is logically compatible with Disney+.

However, this specification applies mainly to certified devices. Just because a device is Android does not mean that it is Google certified. The latest Huawei P40 Pro is a perfect example. The message “your device is not compatible with this version” is also likely to be displayed, if you are using a root device.

Fortunately, there is a way around this error.


It is possible to install Disney+ on a device even when it is not officially compatible. This is the case for the root devices mentioned above, the new Huawei smartphones, or the Android tablets and boxes that are usually found in Chinese shops at unbeatable prices. For our tutorial, we used the Android Beelink GTKing box.

Although it is equipped with Android version 9.0, this box is officially not compatible with Disney+. The application does not appear on the Play Store and when you click directly on the download link an error message is displayed.

To solve this problem, the Disney+ APK must be manually installed with a third party tool. Indeed, the Disney+ APK is published in a split version. This means that three files are required for its installation. If you try to install these APKs in the classical way, a “package error” will be displayed.

1.The application we will use to install Disney+ on our non-certified box is SAI (Split Apks Installer). Download SAI.

2. Download the three files required to install Disney+ :

  • com.disney.disneyplus-xxxxx.apk
  • config.xhdpi-xxxx.apk
  • config.xx-xxxx.apk

3. Start SAI and touch the “Install APK” button.

4. Select the three APKs listed above. They should be in your download directory.

5. Tap the “Choose” button. The installation will start automatically. A notification will be displayed. Go to the home page to launch the application.

All you have to do is launch Disney+ and subscribe.

That’s it! You can now enjoy Disney+ like the rest of the world (or almost). Note that some users report a sound problem after the manual installation. We didn’t encounter this problem on the tested devices (OnePlus One root and Beelink GT King).

However, it is possible to solve this problem by going to the advanced sound settings of your device by disabling automatic settings and enabling all audio codecs (if it is a box).

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