Do you know PrimTux, the operating system for children?

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PrimTux is a Linux-based operating system. This is a French and educational distribution specially created for primary school education. Don’t worry, it is perfectly adapted to the different National Education programs. Free, it includes a large number of educational suites and software to help your toddlers better understand the new concepts. Be aware that it is not necessary to have a state-of-the-art computer to enjoy it. So if you have an old PC packed in a shopping bag at the corner of your cellar, it’s time to dust it off and install Primtux.

How to install PrimTux?

The distribution can be installed like any other OS with a CD or bootable key. It will therefore be necessary to go through the engraving or creation of bootable key box. If you don’t want to bother creating new partitions for your PC, you can of course go through a virtual machine with Virtualbox. This software allows you to install an operating system in its interface by simulating a computer.

Moreover, the PrimTux designers have developed a specific version for Windows. It does not require any specific settings or restarting of your machine.

Once the file is downloaded, run it to extract the archive. The extraction lasts a few minutes, during which time you can wait and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Choose the destination directory for the extracted files.

Go to the directory of the extracted files and launch the file “Portable Virtualbox”. You have absolutely nothing to configure, just click on the “start” arrow.

PrimTux will launch as if you had actually installed it on your computer.

NB: To turn off the system, click on the penguin at the bottom left to access the shutdown options. Once PrimTux is turned off, you can simply close the VirtualBox window.

Discovering Primtux

The designers have thought of everything in terms of game safety and especially pedagogy. In Primtux you will find a parental control tool that allows you to block or restrict access to the Internet. This tool called Webstrict is accessible from the “Welcome” button at the bottom left.

To access the other system parameters, go to the “Master or Parent” menu located at the top left.

In this very complete distribution you will find basic software such as LibreOffice (word processing), The Gimp (photo editing), VLC (multimedia player), Audacity (sound file editor) and many more.

You also have a wide range of educational software for mathematics, French, science, drawing, etc. The teachers/parents even have an exercise creator (Ardora).

PrimTux is organized into four environments:

  • The Master or Parent interface we mentioned earlier
  • The Mini interface for toddlers (3-5 years old)
  • The Super interface for 6-7 year olds
  • The Maxi interface for 8 – 10 year olds

Each interface is divided into thematic tabs (drawing, calculation, game geometry, etc.) to make it easier to use.

Note that a web browser is already installed (Firefox) and that internet searches will automatically go through the French search engine adapted to children Qwant Junior.

PrimTux is the ideal tool to introduce your children to IT and optimize their learning. Even if the “virtual” version is rather stable, we recommend that you opt for a complete installation on a dedicated machine. You’ll kill two birds with one stone: recycle your old PC and make your toddlers cracks in computers and especially at school!

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