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The exam period is fast approaching. You start to stress about not being ready on a day to day basis and repeating your year. Don’t panic! Don’t panic! While exams and other competitions are stressful for most students, they are not insurmountable either. Every year, thousands of students succeed in graduating, so why not you? The main thing is to get organized, and this right now thanks to the revision applications we have selected just for you.


The first thing to do before spending your days and nights immersed in your books is simply to ORGANIZE yourself! The best thing is to create a revision schedule using the Timetable application. Totally free, it helps you to manage your time schedule globally, and to set time slots for this or that subject. The goal is to memorize what you learn and especially to review all your notions before the day of your exam or contest. Since during revision periods it is also necessary to think about changing the air, Timetable will also allow you to reserve some time for yourself, in order to breathe, rest and be operational again when the time comes.



The second thing to do to avoid wasting time in your revisions and make them as efficient as possible: revision sheets. To do this, you can use the good old bristol card or the free Wunderlist application. As its name suggests, this app focuses mainly on list creation. This may include the shopping list, the list of materials to bring on the day of your exam, or the list of essential information to remember by subject. You can also share your lists with other students to help each other and put all the chances on your side. A really good idea!

Pocket Teacher

Reviewing is good, but you have to understand what you are learning. For this type of problem there is the Prof in Pocket application. School assistance in mathematics, it puts the user in direct contact with a real teacher who answers all questions from Monday to Friday from 4pm to 10pm, and on weekends from 2pm to 7pm. The aim is to allow students not to get stuck on an exercise they do not understand and above all to be able to do it again later without help. Prof en Poche offers math teachers from the 6th to the Bac. The app is free for the first two weeks of use.


Spelling Voltaire Project

Whether you are taking the college diploma, the baccalaureate, the nursing exam or the CAPES in History and Geography, mastery of the French language is essential. There is nothing worse than a candidate who makes spelling mistakes or syntax errors at every turn. So if French grammar and spelling are not your strong suit, we recommend the Voltaire Project spelling application. It allows you to test your level and above all to correct yourself by taking up some basics. When we know that 82% of recruiters are sensitive to the level of spelling of candidates, it would be a pity to miss this!


DigiSchool Business Contest

Trade competitions are the most popular of all. Every year thousands of candidates try their luck to enter the most prestigious business schools. If you are a member of this type of student, you will probably like the DigiSchool Concours Commerce application. Extremely complete, it prepares you for 7 different competitions: ACCESS, ARPEGE, PASSERELLE, SESAME, TAGE 2, TOEIC and TREMPLIN. The aim is to concentrate as much knowledge as possible in a single application that facilitates revisions. DigiSchool’s Business Contest application integrates training for each contest as well as numerous simulations. Enough to be ready for the day and to gain self-confidence.


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