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A week after the announcement of Pokémon Smile and Pokémon Café Mix, The Pokémon Company has unveiled a new mobile game. This is Pokémon Unite which is none other than the first official MOBA of the famous franchise.


On Tuesday, June 24, The Pokémon Company announced the Pokémon Unite game on the Nintendo Switch and Android and iOS mobiles. This is a free-to-start MOBA game that will take place on a map with several arenas in which players can compete in teams of 5. This MOBA 5v5 is developed in partnership with Timi Studios, which is entitled to the now classic Call of Duty Mobile and Arena of Valor, a tenor of the genre.

In Pokémon Unite, each trainer starts their campaign with a Level 1 Pokémon. The player will be able to evolve his Pokémon as he progresses through the game by teaching him new techniques and equipping him with new abilities.

The game was not well received by the community. At the time of writing, Pokémon Unite’s presentation video has 25,000 “I don’t like” for 7900 “Likes.”


What is the release date of Pokémon Unite? ?

Timi Studios and The Pokémon Company have not yet announced the release date of the game

How do I download Pokémon Unite? ⏬

Pokémon Unite will be downloadable from the Nintendo eShop for Switch players. Mobile players can download the game directly from the Google Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iOS). If you are an Android player, you will also be able to manually install the game using its official APK. Pokémon Unite’s APK will be published on Logitheque at a later date

Are fights between Nintendo Switch players and smartphone players possible? ?

Yes. The Pokémon Unite game is cross-play. This means that it is possible to make clashes between players of different platforms

Will we be able to keep our game between the Nintendo Switch and his mobile? ?

Developers have not yet communicated about this feature

Will it be possible to play Pokémon Unite on PC? ?

Technically yes. It will likely be possible to use an Android emulator for PC. Logitheque will offer you a dedicated guide.

Which Pokémon are playable at level 1??

The Pokémon Company did not provide any information. Bulbasaur, Charmander or Pikachu will most certainly be available.


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