Fable Fortune is available in free-to-play on PC today

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Early access is a thing of the past. Now discover the kingdom of Albion as you’ve never known it before: Fable Fortune is finally out.

After seven months of warm gestation in the hands of the developers and the community, their collaboration has produced this latest version of the card game that comes out on Xbox One, Steam and Windows 10.

With the Heroic Tales solo mode, you can follow a new scenario and learn more about your six favorite heroes. For those who want, daily challenges called “Daily Bounties” are to be discovered.

Another new feature is the emote system to be able to communicate between players. This is what Mediatonic, the publisher, says in its press release. congratulating, blowing up or simply farting happily towards your opponent is obviously part of the tactical dimension of the game.”

Fulfill your destiny by completing quests and acquiring rare cards, making choices that will affect the rest of the game, cooperating and making your own strategies. The game starts again today.

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