FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: the guide to earning FUT credits quickly

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A new season is starting and with it some nice moves to make on the Ultimate Team transfer market. To get it off to a good start and earn some great money to build one or more dream teams in FUT 20, here is our Ultimate Guide. We hope that with these tips, you will better understand the workings of the transfer market and earn hundreds of thousands of FUT credits. Let’s Go!

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

What it takes to earn a lot of FUT credits

To trade like a pro on FUT 20, here are the essential applications to have on hand. They will allow you to analyze the market, develop techniques and more easily succeed in the challenges offered to you.

  • The FIFA 20 Companion application
  • Futbin
  • Futhead
  • Sense of smell and patience….

Download FIFA 20 Companion

Everyone will tell you, the interface of your console is not the most suitable for purchase/resale. That’s why the game’s developers developed FIFA Companion. It is an application available on the Web and on mobile phones (iOS and Android), allowing you to manage all your transfers. FIFA Companion also offers team-building challenges that can lead to more or less interesting rewards

FIFA 20 Companion

Get your FIFA points

Note that since FIFA 18, the Companion web version has been adapted to small screens, which means that if you do not have Android or iOS devices, and the storage space of the latter is limited, you can still manage your transfers remotely by simply going to the web application.

Download FUTBIN

ESSENTIAL! FUTBIN is an essential tool for Ultimate Team. This is a free application to track fluctuations in the FUT transfer market. This way, you can know the prices of the different players and items that sell depending on your platform (Xbox or PS4). You should always consult it before buying or selling your items, whether they are players, coaches, jerseys or stadiums. FUTBIN exists on the web, iOS and Android.

Futbin android App

Screenshot of Futbin

Use Futhead or WeFUT

Futhead and WeFUT are sites that offer, among other things, solutions and advice for team-building challenges. The compositions of alternative teams (if any) for Squad Building Challenges are systematically listed. They are also available as applications but with much less functionality. WeFUT and Futhead use the FIFA player database, where you will also find team building tools to build your training using this data.

Unlock your FUT bonuses

To help you get started in the game, every year EA sports offers you bonuses in the form of credits and loan players. These rewards are not awarded at the entrance, they must necessarily be activated.

It is your FIFA experience points that allow you to increase your rank and get interesting bonuses such as 1000 extra credits per game for a limited time (10 games for example).

Among these benefits to unlock, there are also bonuses to extend the transfer list. They are very important because they give you the opportunity to put more items on sale and therefore earn credits faster.

Also remember to complete all the manager tasks, the latter bring back some credits that will help you put butter in the spinach.

Complete team building challenges

Proposed since FUT 17, team building challenges are challenges that allow you to reap more or less interesting rewards. There are packs, special cards, but also FUT credits. The challenges of team building are more or less easy to do, especially in the first few days after FIFA’s release.

Squad Building challenge

Image credits: EA Sports

Beware of their perverse effect on the market. The consequences are often harmful and the players’ prices required for their realization tend to skyrocket. We therefore recommend that you use the Futhead and WeFUT tools described above to help you achieve these challenges more easily, thanks to the FUT community.

The basic techniques to quickly earn FUT credits

There are some techniques that cannot be ignored to win a lot of credits. They are not necessarily suitable for all budgets. So don’t bet on the wrong horse. Explanations :

crédits fut

Image Credits: EA Sports

Bronze Pack Method

The Bronze Pack Method is not the most profitable of the buy-sell techniques, but when you start playing the game, it is a good way to learn the mechanisms of the market. It consists in acquiring rare bronze cards and packs to resell them at a higher price. But what elements should be targeted for the Bronze Technology?

Focus on the players, the Team Form cards that are in high demand on the market and the Healing cards. These can range from 300 to 750 credits depending on the injured member.

If you want to earn virtual money by selling rare Bronze players, be very careful and don’t make hasty investments. The market is extremely unstable in the days following the release of the game. Above all, target the players required to meet team-building challenges.

FIFA 20 BPM Method

The “Silver” Method

It is different from Bronze technology in that it is recommended not to buy packs. You risk losing your investment quickly if you make money, even if it is rare. Just target players with team-building challenges. For the bravest, know that there are anomalies on the market concerning some Silver players (rare or not rare). These sometimes run to more than 2000 credits even though they are not required for any challenge.

I’m talking about courage, because you have to keep your eyes open and above all, you have to be very patient to spot these virtual nuggets. Arm yourself with Futbin to list only the silver players, also prepare vials of physiological saline for your eyes, you will need them.

Once you have identified the right moves, buy them at very low costs in Tech 59. We will detail this famous technique later in our guide.

Silver Tech FIFA 20

The “Non rare gold” method

The “Not rare gold” technology is undoubtedly one of the most profitable and easiest to implement. It is based on player statistics and sustainable. How do we do this? It is enough to target not rare gold players with stats that have nothing to envy to rare gold players. Use Futbin to focus on profiles of popular players:

  • Players playing in major leagues (Calcio A, Premier League, Liga, League 1)
  • Fast players, good dribblers
  • Central midfield (correct level in attack and defence, good physical condition)
  • In defense, target the exchanges with a general score between 78 and 80. For laterals, the overall score is less important. Above all, target players with good speed and physical fitness.
Gold Tech FIFA 20

By buying these players at 350-400 credits, you can expect to sell them for up to twice as much!

Tech 59

Here it is, the famous tech 59 that requires speed and dexterity. It is called this because it consists in buying for immediate purchase items whose cost is lower than the market price as soon as they are put up for sale, i.e. at the 59th minute. Then resell your items, taking into account the tax charged by EA Sports on each transaction. By buying several copies of a player at 4700 credits in tech 59 and selling it at 5200 credits, you earn 240 credits on each sale.

Use Futbin’s EA tax calculation tool to evaluate your earnings on each sale.

Kylian Mbappe Futbin

The “Airplane” technology

With the Aircraft technology, we are truly at the heart of FUT trading. This technique is only to be used if you already have a large amount in your Ultimate Team account. It consists in buying players worth more than 7000 credits and assigning them:

  • Shape cards: the player must be at least 90 of a shape before being put on sale
  • Contracts: he must have at least 90 contracts before being put up for sale
  • Styles: the style assigned to the player must be relevant. It would be inconceivable to assign a Chat card to a defender or a Vista card to a goalie.
cartes contrat fut 19

The prerequisites for the Aircraft technology are as follows:

  • Buy enough head coaches to get the bonus of 50% more contracts when applying a contract card.
  • Make a stock of Style and Shape cards

To set the price in Airplane technology, remember to recover your costs. For the sale add between 2000 and 5000 credits depending on the player. You can expect hundreds and in the best of cases thousands of credits on each sale.

Players are not the only resources to target

Several times in this article, we have mentioned the importance of the other exchangeable elements that are the head trainers, contracts, form and style cards. But there are other significant opportunities such as position cards and jerseys. The original jerseys and those of major teams such as Real or Barça are in great demand (especially the third jerseys). You can use the Futbin site to locate these elements.

Purchase-resale: best investments on FUT 20

The techniques are generally the same each year but the investments are not necessarily the same. A player who was selling like hotcakes in FUT 19, will not necessarily sell well in FUT 20. We advise you to focus on medium- and long-term investments, especially with regard to OTW cards (player to watch).

JOAO Felix OTW Card

Image Credits: EA Sports

This year, players like Nicolas Pépé and Joao Félix are the ideal long-term investors. The same is true for Hazard or Haller. If players win in their respective new clubs, the price of their OTW card will explode!

best OTW FIFA 20

Image Credits: EA Sports

Also think about the job changes made in the week’s teams. TOTW (Team of The Week) cards are published every Wednesday and players sometimes change positions. A centre forward can be placed on the left or right and vice versa. Remember Mertens on FIFA 17 (the elders know), the player’s overall score had gone from 83 to 86. When published on the servers, the card sold for 205,000 credits (PS4).

Futbin TOTW player

Screenshot of the Futbin site

Its price dropped overnight to 130,000 credits. Two days later, the same card sold for more than 255,000 credits, finally reaching 472,000 credits in January! It makes you dream, doesn’t it?

Some advices for FUT 20 resale buying ?

Do I have to buy packs regularly ? ?

No ! The FUT lottery only very rarely allows you to recover your expenses

How to trade in FIFA Ultimate Team ??

Always consult FUTBIN before buying or selling your items. Prices fluctuate regularly and you risk missing out on a good deal if you rush

How do I know which players are for sale? ?

Keep up to date with the latest football news. The extraordinary performances in the various competitions. It is also the way to know the injured players. When a player is injured in real life, his cost on FUT systematically decreases.

Don’t forget the league champions cards ?

With the arrival of the Champions League, there are now special Champions League cards in which to invest

Are corner generators reliable? ?

Be careful with the FUT coin generator scam . Don’t be tempted by this old scam that consists in making you believe that you are buying credits by filling out a survey or watching an advertising video.

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