Filmocracy: the free streaming platform that pays you to watch movies

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What if you got paid to watch movies and TV shows? Imagine for a moment being paid to do episodes and other film productions, all from your couch. That’s what (almost) Filmocracy offers you, a new service that is still in beta stage.

What is Filmocracy?

Filmocracy is a new streaming platform that offers to pay you in exchange for free viewing of independent films. The films are broadcast directly on a website and the user simply has to view and evaluate the works according to different criteria (script, characters, aesthetics, performance of the actors, dialogues, music, overall quality).

Filmocracy Tutorial

To access the content of the platform, users simply need to create an account on the site. The works are classified by category (drama, horror, science fiction, comedy, etc.). It is also possible to search or sort the films according to the ratings already given by other users, the novelty, or the reward offered in exchange for viewing and rating.

Filmocracy’s ambition is to develop its platform by offering comment spaces where users can interact with each other.

A system based on advertising and gaming

Filmocracy is clearly not a streaming platform like the others. This project was created through a Kickstarter campaign and is not funded in millions by large branches like its illustrious competitors Amazon or Netflix.

By watching movies and giving feedback, the user gets Popcorns. It is a virtual currency, which, like in free to play video games, allows you to obtain new elements. Here it’s all about virtual accessories for your Filmocracy avatar or real gift cards, cinema tickets or even an iPhone XS 64 GB.

Récompenses Filmocracy

The concept on which Filmocracy is based is none other than that of playfulness. Just like in a video game, the more movies you watch, the more your rewards and level increase. You also unlock successes. Note also that a ranking of the best viewers is visible on the site. And to seduce you, Filmocracy promises to share 10% of its revenues with its most active users every month.

Classement Filmocracy

Let us add that if the platform is accessible for free it is also because it broadcasts advertising. Indeed, advertising content in the form of a spot is displayed before each work.

Filmocracy also has another lever which is the subscription. If you wish to be free from advertising, you can subscribe to an annual subscription for $60. This is the price displayed at the time of writing this article. Nevertheless, the basic offer is €10/month, or €120/year. This amount is relatively high, but according to its creator, Paul Jun, Filmocracy is also a way to support independent cinema.

What about data security in all this?

At the time of registration, the user must provide a valid telephone number in addition to an e-mail address. This phone number is used to obtain a verification code to validate the registration. In its privacy policy accessible on its site, the platform does not give any specific information on the use of the telephone number. The site simply states :

Filmocracy collects your data for use :

  • process your order and manage your account.
  • E-mail you special offers on other products and services that we think you might like.
  • Adapt suggestions for movies you might enjoy.
  • Track the progress of your account and the accuracy of your assessment
  • If you agree, Filmocracy will share your data with our partner companies so that they can offer you their products and services.

The problem is that at the time of writing this article, the site does not allow the use of the service without refusing the sharing of personal data (email and probably phone number) with its partners.

Filmocracy account space

Another drawback that is not related to security, but rather to ergonomics: bugs and lack of essential features. The management console is very minimalist and does not yet allow to transform a free account into a paying account.

After viewing several films from our browser (Firefox), we were unable to rate the works for our awards. Yet we watched at least 75% of several videos to be “paid”, as Filmocracy says. As you will have understood, for the moment Filmocracy is not yet fully developed.

A catalogue of independent movies

On Filmocracy, you won’t find blockbusters or hit series like Game of Thrones or Friends. For the moment, the platform only lists independent films and documentaries. It lists short films, but also B-series. For the moment the catalogue counts a little more than 1000 works.

Filmocracy catalogue

Filmocracy is clearly an original and promising project that should above all appeal to creators and lovers of independent films. Nevertheless, the platform would have to erase its many small flaws to last over the long term.

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