Finally, access Google Analytics from your WordPress account

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WordPress and Google Analytics are among the best turnkey solutions for editing and managing your website, but until now the two tools were used separately. This is soon over because Google has just announced a new WordPress plugin to have the company’s SEO tools directly from its WordPress account.

Why should users have to log in and manage multiple accounts to manage a single site? It is in response to this observation that Google has decided to offer its new plugin, to be integrated directly into WordPress, so as to have only one interface to manage its site, on both the SEO and publishing sides.

Site Kit

The project is still in production: Google is expected to offer its beta version of the “Site Kit” to CMS users in the first half of 2019. No new features, this kit has the simple objective of providing faster access to all Google tools for sites.

This new integration could allow many professionals and semi-pros to gain in efficiency in the management of their sites, and to pay more attention to SEO statistics, essential to hope to appear as much as possible in the first search results of the leading search engine.

To be part of the closed club of testers of this Site Kit, do not hesitate to register on this site.

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